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What Do You See in the Mirror?

you look fine!

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do your eyes go
immediatelyto any perceived flaws and weaknesses, say crow’s feet, wrinkles, funny nose or crooked tooth? Or, in a full-length mirror, do your eyes settle on unwanted fat pads, real or imagined physical disproportions, and other such undesirables? This is very common human response and a tremendous source of unhappiness and discontent. But it’s a case of seeing the glass half-empty. From an early age, we’ve been taught to believe in lack and limitation. Starting in early childhood, your knowledge of the world becomes about what you cannot, and must not, do, as opposed to what is possible. Impressionable children are introduced to a finite, limited universe, full of lack and the fear of there not being enough for everyone, including themselves. This gets applied to our bodies and their potential.

The western medical model is based upon a germ theory of disease, suggesting there are dangerous marauders out there trying to get at you and there’s nothing you can do about it but remain ever vigilant and defensive. People, in turn, feel helpless when it comes to controlling their own health and bodies in such a fearful setting and the standard of medical care supports their fears.

I believe you create your own existence with your own mind and as long as you have this ability, why not create something beautiful? Through a belief system in a universal source, you can create glowing health and well-being, both physical and mental. You can mold your body, first in the mind’s eye, then manifested into flesh.

I became acutely aware of this many years ago, when serving in the armed forces. There was a sergeant in our unit, a black guy, with one of the single most chiseled and awe-inspiring physiques I’d ever seen. Even with crappy army food, and little opportunity for decent workouts, this guy maintained a fat-free, lean, incredibly muscular and chiseled physique. One night I asked him how he kept himself in such great condition, since I’d never actually seen him work out. He replied that every night, before he went to bed, he’d see his body in his mind’s eye, exactly the way he wanted it to be. He’d take a mental scan and visualize himself as physical perfection. He further used the same technique for any ailments or health problems that might crop up. Indeed, I never saw him sick or with a cold, although others around him were perpetually coughing, sneezing or even bed-bound with the flu. This guy was able to transcend what other people consider normal, by controlling his subconscious mind.

Now many years later, after studying the techniques of mind science, I understand that everyone has the power to control their circumstances, including their health, through the power of the mind. I say it’s science because there’s a formula which can, if used properly, repeatedly produce the same results. One of the main principles requires never focusing on negative circumstances. Another tenet is that just because someone believes something doesn’t mean it’s real! So much of the world is illusory. Things aren’t what they seem.

The same idea can be used with finance, relationships and living situations. Since this blog is geared towards fitness and health, I’ll describe an effective technique for improving your health, well-being and physical beauty. These techniques have worked well for me and others. Caveat: you must have faith in the invisible laws of the universe to experience success.


1. When looking in a mirror, whether full-length, bathroom or plate glass window, NEVER allow your eyes to focus on any one thing. Take in the whole image and if anything, allow your attention to remain on something you find pleasing.

2. If you DO find yourself dwelling on something in a negative way, quickly dismiss it and chase it with a positive statement or affirmation. For example, if your eyes glance upon a roll of unwanted flesh in the mid-section, and you begin to generate a feeling of loathing, upset or disappointment, before the self-condemnation begins to accumulate, quickly dismiss the situation by claiming that no such thing exists in your world and further, that only physical perfection can manifest in same. Claim the perfect condition by saying, my waist is muscular, fat-free and perfectly proportioned in every way–or words to such effect. In this way, you are already programming the subconscious mind by exchanging negative thoughts for positive. You see, a person who believes in fatness and ugliness, will allow the habits of the fat and ugly, such as overeating and sloth. When you commence programming your mind with thoughts of beauty and perfection, you’ll automatically begin to go about doing those things that create same. At nighttime, in the moments before falling asleep, the subconscious is most open to programming. At this time, take a mental inventory of the body and see it as perfect. Do not worry about its present condition. It’s a known fact the body completely changes every cell within every seven year. Some cells reinvent themselves more often, for example, taste buds regenerate every 10 days. All change takes time; there are laws of the physical world at work here. Realize that it was negative programming which created the imbalance and poor body in the first place and the same mental faculties can be used to correct the situation. So, as you’re laying in bed before the nightly slumber, image the perfect body and–this is very important–generate deep feelings of gratitude and joy as if what you desire has already been accomplished. In reality, time is a mere illusion and everything happens in the now.

3. If your mind is weak and you have trouble imaging your body, don’t worry, like the body, the mind will strengthen. In the mean time, here is a technique that can assist you in bridging the gap while you build your mental equivalent. Look through a fitness magazine and pick out the physique of an athlete, model, actor upon whom you’d really like to model yourself. This person, of course, should have a similar bone structure and proportions as you. Visualize this image in your mind’s eye. Make copies of this image and place them around your home on the bedroom, bathroom mirrors and refrigerator. You may choose top put one on the car dashboard. Put this image on your desktop. Gaze on it for a few moment and closing your eyes, see this image as if looking at this person from a distance, then switch the point of view so that you’re looking at the body as if it’s your own body and through your eyes, so that the arm in the image is your arm, the leg your leg, not a third person. I myself have a picture of Gerard Butler from the 300, looking totally buffed and ripped. I’m able to see myself in the mind, but I still value certain outside images. You can also imagine yourself eating perfectly and training with intensity. The mind is extremely powerful and will create what it is you focus upon. The life you have right now; the partner you’re with or without; the circumstances in which you live; the money you hold in the bank; the body you inhabit are all a consequence of the focus you hold in the mind, whether you are aware of it or not. By increasing your awareness of this fabulous tool, you can program and use it to make your wildest dreams come true.

If you’re used to this blog covering one-arm push-ups and swinging kettlebells (and that’s all very important!) I want to remind you that the most important implement in your fitness arsenal is your higher mind power and how it connects you to the universal laws.

You are all invited to join me in my own quest for superior living and health at my upcoming workshops and certifications–I’m visualizing you there, now!

My body weight certification is popular with professionals and non-professionals alike. Body weight exercise seems so simple, does it not? But the reality is that for most people, they are the hardest and most demanding exercises. Many people simply give up trying to do chin-ups and pull-ups. But it’s simply a matter of someone showing and teaching how to get the most out of these magnificent bodies of ours. Read hereabout one participant’s experience.


Ask Coach!!!

Q: …I have your videos and I love them but I have a problem: I moved to a new house and I work out in my basement which has a low ceiling. I like to do Bottoms-Up Military Presses and I’m not able to do these now. Is it safe to press off your knees or your butt?

A: The solution is simple: sit on a narrow bench and do seated Cleans and Military Presses.
Even regular Cleans, done seated, have a tremendous effect on the upper neck and traps. They were favored by the old Russian KB lifters.

Expect these to be a great deal harder than from standing.

I’m interested in the Push-Up Board; I’ve been having trouble with push-ups lately. It seems my inside left elbow gets puffy and inflamed. Could the Push-Up Board keep this from happening?

A: The push-up is a very natural movement and should cause neither pain, inflammation nor irritation. What’s most likely happening is that you’re flaring your elbows out to the side and misaligning your hands.

While I can’t promise the Push-Up Board will correct your personal misalignments, it certainly won’t hurt. The instructional DVD for the board will assist you with proper alignment; it’s fully explained and demonstrated and should go a long way toward getting you doing pain-free push-ups.

Another explanation is if you’re excessively overweight–if you’re really heavy–your upper arms may not be capable of supporting the body weight. If that’s the case, you’ll also need to lose a few pounds.


fitnessBattle is a fitness community web site for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively.

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7 Tips to Change Life-long Bad Eating Habits


Changing bad eating habits you may have had all your life is tough sledding and many times overwhelming. Its hard to change something that you like to do–even if the change is for the better.


Some people are able to make major nutritional changes “cold turkey.” Some of us need to take baby steps. More of us fall somewhere in between the two extremes.




Here’s 7 pointers to improve your eating habits:


1. Add whole, natural foods to your menu that you like. You are more likely to stay with a menu loaded with foods you like. I am amazed at some of the “healthy menus” in some magazines. Do people really eat that stuff! Find whole, natural foods that you like and get rid of the foods that are bad for you (interpreted “adds fat to your body”).


Whole, natural foods have one ingredient, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. And, they are many times nutritional and low-calorie.


2. If you eat a “cheat food” one day, its not the end of the world. Just get back on your menu track right away. If you stay with your nutrition program 90% of the time, you will do just fine.


3. A good tactic to use: challenge your accountability partner to “eat-no-bad-food days.” That way, you keep each other in check. Never try to do an exercise and nutrition plan by yourself. Personal trainers, spouses and workout buddies are good accountability partners.


4. List in your food journal items you will not eat/or severely limit like: sodas, sugary fruit juice drinks, candy, cookies, donuts, fried meats and fried foods, fast foods, foods in a box/bag, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.


gotta limit your fast food intake


5. Right next to that “bad food list,” write down good food items you will replace them with like: oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, low-fat dairy products, low-fat yogurt, fruits, veggies, unsweetened tea, salad greens, water, lean meats (baked, broiled or grilled), olive oil, cinnamon, mustard, etc. Remember, make a list of foods you like. This replacement tactic works well.


6. Starvation tactics never work long-term. It just slows the fat burning process


Your body relies on the nutrients in food for fuel. When you starve yourself, it senses the downward shift in your caloric intake and kicks into starvation mode. When this happens, your metabolism will slow down and your body will hold on to stored fat in order to conserve energy.


Lean muscle mass needs more energy to function than fat. Basically, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. If you continue to starve yourself, your body will feed on your lean muscle tissue and make it even harder for you to lose weight.


The weight lost from starvation diets almost always comes back. As soon as you start eating again, you’ll likely regain all of the weight you lost, plus a few extra pounds. In the end, you’ll wind up bigger than you were before you started starving.


7. You may need professional help with an eating disorder. Its no shame to seek help.


It’s not uncommon for extremely calorie-restrictive dieters to struggle with depression, anger, indifference, memory loss, poor concentration, hallucinations and mood swings. Starvation can also increase your chances of suffering with eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.


Let The Diet Solution Program show you how a sensible diet plan for weight loss can work for you.


Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
fitnessBattle is a fitness community web site for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively.


Your Fitness is simply down to a frame of mind


Whenever any one of us in the world makes that initial decision to start a new workout or weight loss programme, undoubtedly at some point there will be a drive to find a way for this new fad to fit into our current lifestyle. We all have to work. We all have to get enough sleep, right? So, there are only so many hours in each week that we can devote to this little endeavour of ours.


That said, only a small minority of us fully realise that it is our current lifestyle that has got us into the shape we are in now. That setting aside 3 hours a week is not going to be enough to get those abs we wish we had when we look in the mirror. Fully appreciating and more importantly, accepting this, is the first step to changing your mindset.


Re-training yourself has to come from many different angles all at once.


Take me for example, i never ate breakfast. A 9am coffee at my desk used to keep me going until half ten, at which point i’d volunteer for the tea-run and cheekily have a look at the canteen whilst i was there. i had to re-train myself right at the beginning. Nowadays, the first thing i do when i wake up is drink a glass of water. I refill the glass with some juice & stick on the kettle and make a short, sharp shot of coffee for myself. At a bare minimum i also force myself to eat some cereal. If i have the time i get some eggs on the go, or even make a fruit smoothie, or both. Breakfast is key to fueling the rest of my day. Believe you me, it is THE best weapon to prevent your energy levels dipping in the mid-afternoon.


Having had my brekkie, my food intake throughout the day became a lot easier to manage, whilst my 24-7 tiredness and sleepless nights became a lot less noticeable. Long-gone are the days of my lunch plate looking like a mountain of food. Now I try and snack every 3 hours. That is not to say that i don’t still feel hungry at the end of each snack. I know i could keep on eating. But i have learnt to know my body needs to keep going throughout the day & therefore not only have the time, but the energy to fit more into my day.



Looking good naked was my number 1 priority however. Simply eating healthy and sensibly was not going to get me there alone. So, setting aside time for the gym to work on my muscles & abs is of course a necessary evil.



What i am currently in the process of trying to teach myself is that it isn’t enough to whip out 100 crunches and call it a day. You need to be thinking all day about your abs, your posture, your activities in a way that will keep your mid-section working all day.


So for example, while i’m sitting at my desk right now this minute; i have to keep telling myself to uncross my legs, sit up straight & suck in my stomach. Or even when i am standing in line somewhere, think about what my stomach is doing. Is it just sitting there relaxed? Are my shoulders hunched over as always?


If you want to truly focus on an area like your mid-section you can certainly multi-task some extra work for them throughout your day. You just have to practice. Pretty soon you will do it without even thinking about it. That’s when you start to see true change!


fitnessBattle is a fitness community web site for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively.


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fitnessBattle is a fitness community web site for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively.
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